Modern Basenji-Worldwide

Welcome to The Modern Basenji

It has been a joy these past five years publishing The Modern Basenji - Worldwide for you -- our readers.

Throughout these issues, we discussed the roots of the basenji in deepest Africa, covered news of basenjis throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, the African continent, and, of course, North and South America. We presented a wide range of articles about health such as how to interpret thyroid test results, discussed vaccinosis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, bone and joint disease, heartworm, and Fanconi. We interviewed breeders from around the globe; presented judging critiques for specialties in Russia, Estonia, Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the United States. TMB kept you abreast of all the new titling opportunities for our breed. The B-Legal Blog offered you a wide range of legal knowledge from how to manage co-ownerships, how clubs can limit their liability, new quarantine and importation regulations, how to be a proactive hobby breeder to puppy lemon laws and beyond. We presented an in-depth 4-part series that explored the value of using artificial insemination as a breeding tool.

We shared the loss of fellow basenji owners and breeders; celebrated every national specialty, discovered what people do with their basenjis - tracking, coursing, nose work, barn hunt, weight pulling, even hunting in Finland. We offered many personal stories from people who told about their first basenji or how their basenji interacted with other species such as elephants or deer. We brought you success stories and words of advice on how to use modern day techniques to find your lost basenji. We gave you insight to some great show sites around the country. We debated the topic of genetics -- colors, founders, origin, genome sequencing, even extinction.

We compared breed standards around the world; talked about how to preserve that breed standard, explained how to handle an AKC inspection, shared a heart wrenching story about congenital defects in puppies, offered ideas for screening puppy buyers. In short, The Modern Basenji - Worldwide, took considerable care to bring you information about basenjis, their owners, and their breeders from everywhere around the globe.

And now it's time to say farewell. After 20 years of working on publications, for me, as the editor, it's time to open another door -- a door that holds the excitement of having puppies and savoring every minute, knowing these will be the last for Adventureland.

The 4th Quarter 2015 was the final issue of The Modern Basenji - Worldwide, and we can't thank our loyal subscribers and advertisers enough. It has been great working with all of you.


Brady ushered in the first issue and it only seems fitting that he has the last word.