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Combining the best of both worlds of print and web media, The Modern Basenji is the publication to have when it comes to Basenji happenings around the world.

The Modern Basenji -- Worldwide is a glossy FULL COLOR publication offering brilliant advertising, interesting articles, statistics, reports and much more from around the globe.

WHAT IS INSIDE THE 2014 3rd Quarter?

*RiRi's BIG ADVENTURE: Read the harrowing story about RiRi's escapde, rescue, and return..

*THE SINGLETON SYNDROME -Breeders who have experienced the joy of the birth of a healthy singleton puppy know that along with this joy come concerns about the inability of that singleton to receive proper socialization in the asence of littermates.

*FAMOUS SHOWS AROUND THE GLOBE - Can you name the five most famous shows that are held in the world?.

And much, much more...

What's New

August 28, 2014

Full Version of 2nd Q 2014 is now in the Archives Section


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